Monday, May 08, 2006

Back on the run...

Well, I've stalled for as long as I can possibly get away with it and the study is finally clear enough for me to get to the infamous running machine.

It has been seriously neglected for the 6 months I've been living here; the only exercise it's provided is by my moving it around or clearing the dust off it. The original train of thought was that by spending such a ridiculous amount of money on the thing, I would be so riddled with guilt as to make sure I got plenty of value out of it in return.

I started off well and began to notice results in no time at all, but one bout of man-flu put me out of my routine and I'm not the most easily motivated individual when it comes to physical exertion (aside from the fact I can be damned lazy if I put my mind to it).

Anyway the facts are clear, even to me:
  • I know I could afford to lose a few stone without looking particularly emaciated
  • Despite having given up smoking over 16 months ago, I still get out of breath going upstairs (kinda difficult in my bungalow anyway) or hurrying to catch the bus into town
  • There's a heap of clothes in the wardrobe which ought to fit better than they do
  • Since passing the big four-oh, I ought to be paying more attention to my general well-being
  • I need to compensate for my growing addiction to the manufacture and consumption of home baked goods
and most importantly
  • it cost me a shitload of money and still owes me big-time
So, if I can find the strength to press the keys down, I'll let you know in forthcoming posts how things are going...


Cherrypie said...

You're doing better than me. I only bought this house 'cos it had a purpose-built gym and was advertised as "the home for the dedicated fitness enthusiast".

I've got an exercise bike, punch-bag, yoga ball, weight and sit-up benches, and a skipping rope.

The piece of equipment that sees the most use is ........the dartboard. I am developing the perfect physique for that sport at a remarkable rate.

Seany said...

You can't go far wrong with a dartboard - it's a great technique for keeping drinking muscles in trim. Back in the days when I used to play for a team, I found the excuse worked equally well the other way around too!

Fil said...

Seany - here's a clue...ya might find ya may need to take ya exercise fingymewotsit outta it's box lol !

Have fun dude ;)

Seany said...

Hi Fil - long time no hear!

I took the dartboard out of it's box years ago...