Monday, May 29, 2006

Story time...

We were told a story once at school about a woman who complained to a wise man that her house was too small and his remedy was to suggest that she took one of his chickens home for a few days to see if it made any difference.

Unsurprisingly, she returned shortly afterwards saying that she didn't see how this was meant to improve matters and in return he asked that she also look after one of his goats.

Still unhappy the following day, he asked her to look after one of his pigs aswell. Somewhat confused she reluctantly agreed once again.

Returning to complain for a 4th time, the wise man asked her to look after one of his cows and despite her initial agreement, she was soon back to the old man again demanding that he had done nothing to help and that he explain his ridiculous actions.

The wise old man took her back to her house, rounded up his chicken, goat, pig and cow and took them all back home with him, at which point the woman suddenly realised how large her house had suddenly become.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way comparing any of my family with farmyard animals, but the bungalow certainly seems huge this afternoon...


delcatto said...

I can lend you a large orange dog and a teenager for a few weeks!

Seany said...

Maybe when the walls start closing in again!

CanEragon said...

I think that speaks along the same lines as, It is nice to visit, but so much better when you return home. It's good to have a houseful of guests, but Oh so much better when they leave!!

And shows you what a successful host you are to the guests who visit.