Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh Lordi Lordi...

I can't remember the last time I stayed in and watched the Eurovision Song Contest but if you take it at absolute face value, it's quite a laugh.

The theme for (normal) costumes this year seemed to be predominantly white or silver and I'm pleased to report a larger proportion of leg on show than I ever recall before; always a good excuse to refrain from changing channel.

I sat patiently through all 24 songs and to my complete and utter shame, made notes of anything I remotely liked. Special mention should go to Lithuania for fielding a silly football chant of a song and to Finland, the worthy winners pictured above, who were ridiculous in the extreme and my favourites from the outset.

Terry Wogan's commentary was on top form as always, demonstrating once again his incredible ability to predict the scores before each country's representative read them out. In fact, you just need a decent knowledge of European geography as most countries still vote for their neighbours irrespective of the song, artist, or anything else for that matter.

Our song? Sorry Daz but in my book it never stood a chance. Sweeping statement perhaps but in my opinion, the word "rap" has always been pronounced with a silent "c"...


delcatto said...

Monster Rock!!!
The winner from the outset although Bosnia Havanotherbeer was also good. Lithuania...if Finland hadn't won this should have done for sheer cheek and entertainment.
Cue lots of metal-lite songs next year.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the finalists music on BBc online the other night, and since we get BBC news here, I saw the report and interview with the band late Sat Night EST.

Be afraid, be very afraid !


Hey at least the Olympic venues in Athens are being used for something!!

Cherrypie said...

I didn't know a bunch of my ex-boyfriends had entered Eurovision. Wherever will they turn up next?

Pete said...

Hi Seany

for the first time in yonks I watched Eurovision. The Crazy Finns were a laugh and the show of female legs was definitely appreciated.

All topped off with a dose of The Wogan.

oh and yes totally agree about the British entry.

Anyway now that Serbia and Montenegro have split will Bosnia and Herzcogovnia (sp?) ? Would increase the balkan vote.

Seany said...

That's a good point Pete. In fact, if we were to submit an English entry rather than British, perhaps we could count on three more votes. Well, perhaps...