Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And still they come...

Thanks again everybody!

I'm delighted to see the Bravenet counter has registered another 1000 which means there have now been over 8000 visits to my humble little blog. It's hard to believe that only a little over a month ago I was posting to thank you all for helping me past the 7000 mark. Traditionally, I've tried to mark the milestone passing with a special post and this time I've decided to pick up on one of Delcatto's suggestions and look 8000 around me:

8000 centimeters would get me just around the corner from where I live. Nothing unusual there other than the ducks who have strangely made their home on the patch of grass at the side of the road.

8000 inches wouldn't get you much further, possibly about halfway to bus stop that I ought to use more often than local taxi firm

8000 feet takes you to Tesco. Nothing eventful going on there now I'm getting back into the habit of buying what I went in there for with a bit less of "I could use one of those"...

8000 yards is the approximate distance from my house to our local landmark, the Dock Tower

8000 metres would get you to my last house; the place that should go on record as one of the worst property investments ever made with no profit after ten years.

8000 kilometers (quite a jump there) would get you to the Chinese Spring City of the North, Changchun City. Or maybe the Mumbwa Caves in Zambia, a site of numerous significant archealogical finds (including very early evidence of cosmetics)

8000 miles from me is Lively Island which despite it's wonderful name, it's major claim to fame on Wikipedia is being the largest rat-free island of the Falkands and is home to a sheep farm.

Hmmm... sheep farm, it suppose it could get lively if you find a nice looking one...


delcatto said...

Combine the Chinese city and the sheep...mmm, takeaway.Mind you, I don't recall many lamb/mutton dishes at the local Chinese takeaway.
So what is 8000 lightyears from home?
'Space, the final frontier...'

Seany said...

I deliberately stopped at 8000 miles while there was the shred of interest left - likewise, I could think of nothing much in the garden of note at 8000mm away!