Friday, May 19, 2006


Delcatto's post tonight really got me thinking, so much so that I started leaving comments but they became so long-winded I thought it more appropriate to pay credit via a link and go off on a tangent of my own!

I had never really stopped before to consider why I started this blog in the first place, or more to the point why I keep it going. Ironically, it was Delcatto himself who introduced me to the notion of blogging one Saturday afternoon over a beer (or two) in recommending I read Scaryduck's offerings. As I read his blog, which is still incredibly funny incidentally, I remember thinking that everyone must have a few anecdotes that they love to share over a beer or two and being no exception, I could a put few of mine down to share with a wider audience.

Now I think about it, I suppose it serves a number of purposes:
~ It never really became anecdotal, it is more a means of sharing the mental meanderings that have entertained me during the day and hopefully people continue to find them amusing.
~ I'm dreadful at keeping in touch with friends and not just those who have moved away as Pete Frenzy in St. Louis, Steve in Toronto, Rob in Hull, Rich in Grimsby will all testify. Hopefully this is a means of letting them know that I am still alive and usually not up to anything too exciting
~ As age and alcohol consumption take their toll, it's also a convenient way to remember what I've done myself as I've never been able to keep a diary or journal for more than a few days in a row
~ Occasionally it provides a forum for me to rant about something (often trivial) and although I seldom offer solutions, I suppose it provides some therapeutic value to me.

So what's with the anonimity? I'm not entirely sure and it's only there to a certain extent. Seany is my real name (with the optional "y"), the little weemee character isn't a bad likeness (although I am a bit taller) and the fact that many friends old and new know about the blog and visit regularly, hardly maintains an MI5 level of secrecy.

I have consciously chosen not to mention it at work, having given the address to only one colleague (as I've chatted with him and his daughter frequently over MSN in the past) but this was on the request that he doesn't access it from his work laptop. It's not that I'm ashamed or embarassed but for some reason I like the freedom to write pretty much what I want knowing that the readers either know me extremely well or hardly at all and in either case are unlikely to be overly offended. Indeed, I recently had to give much consideration before admitting to Cherrypie that I knew her "mail order" ex through work, although I still have no intentions of saying anything to him about it.

There is also the wind-up merchant in me that keeps me going. Having already achieved Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" status when searching for Seany, it amuses me to think that people still end up here looking for Playboy bunny pictures, Samantha Janus photos and for a while last year, "Paula Radcliffe pissing video". There are perfectly innocent explanations in each case for how they arrived here (and I don't suppose this post will help) but I guess it serves them right!

Finally, if nothing else, as a means of reducing unecessary surplus, from day one in every title and every post I like to think that I have been chipping away at the European ellipsis mountain...


delcatto said...

I would love to tell some of the stories I have but I have an aversion to the DWP.I could always change the names, locations,etc..

ndtraff said...

Playboy Special Edition Lingerie Dec-Jan 2007: