Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well would you believe it...

I set off for work this morning and at the bottom of the avenue I suddenly realised I wasn't wearing my watch. I resisted the temptation to turn back and contrary to my initial concerns, I didn't really spend the day feeling like my left arm had been amputated.

My daily commute was hampered both ways today by "undue hesitancy of the year" contestants and yet I wasn't actually late for anything*.

When I got home, contrary to this morning's forecast it was still sunny and I managed to run the mower over the back lawn before it threw it down with rain.

Little Sis told me a few years ago about a book she'd read called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" which I never actually read (I'm very thinly read remember?) but I took the title to heart. Today is possibly proof that I still try not to...

*I have recently realised that it's not the delay that annoys me as much as the fact that I've taken a liking to tearing down quiet country lanes (safely of course) and these people are stopping my fun


Cherrypie said...

So you incubate them in NE Lincs! Keep 'em. We don't need their kind. Tear down as many cuontry lanes ( on your side of the boundary) as you like but please drive carefully around our ducklings and children.

I stopped wearing a watch when I was more concerned for my Gucci than my appointments. It's never done me any harm but I always late for everything. Somehow I get the feeling that you're not. x

Cherrypie said...

* country ( my fingers are uber-punctual)

I'm going to stop commenting so much - I'm irritating myself

Pete Frenzy said...

I thought they invented the mobile phone to replace the watch ????

delcatto said...

'Tis true.
My watch strap broke several weeks back and I have relied upon mobiles and clocks wherever I land up.
That explains why I am in Venezuela...I'll have my free barrel of oil now Mr.Chavez.