Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello Moto...

After yesterday's little game of "will they, won't they" I'm pleased to report that today I took delivery of mobile phone number six. Not that I run six mobile phones at once I hasten to add, but I finally decided to relegate my trusty old P800 to the back catalogue and venture into something new.

It's been a difficult phone to replace as it was full of plenty of gadgets and gizmos that set it well ahead of it's time when it was first introduced. In fact, it proved a most effective means of shaking off telesales calls as nobody was interested in upgrading it to a higher spec model for the same monthly contract rate. The time had come for a change though as it was starting to fail more frequently as it hobbled into it's senior years and quite frankly, I was getting fed up of the huge block in my pocket that raised my voice three octaves whenever I sat down.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present the new kid in town, the Motorola RAZR V3x:

I've lost a couple of features that the last phone had, but this has some features that the last one didn't so on balance, I'm happy that it's a better and more appropriate phone for me.

Much of this afternoon has been spent wading through the contacts on the old phone, doing a bit of selective editing out of people I've not heard from for years, transferring the "survivors" to the new one and synchronising everything with my Outlook contacts on the laptop.

The next exciting task is to get in touch with all of these people and let them know the new number. Good job there's plenty of free texts included with the new contract...

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Cherrypie said...

It's not as bad as Bird Flu, but I'm afraid you've been tagged.

If you can tear yourself away from your new telephonic toy and don't mind risking getting bread crumbs in your keyboeard, please visit me and see what you have to do. x