Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Think of a number...

On a bored Sunday afternoon three years ago, I took an on-line IQ test on the BBC website as part of their Test the Nation campaign and surprised myself with a score of 140. I know that because I've just found the e-mail I sent to Little Sis inviting her to have a go.

Some of us were discussing IQ results in the pub over the weekend, (I seem to recall after accusing somebody of possibly achieving double figures) and I thought it was about time for an update.

So, in the early caffeine-induced-insomniac hours of this morning, I found this site and was horrified to see my score had dropped to 131. Where did my nine points go? Are the increasing number of grey hairs I'm spotting on my scalp replacing grey cells? Or was it just because it was so early in the day? Perhaps it's distorted by the fact that I can't re-enact the same test from the BBC. I had to find some more.

10:00am I completed this one but I've no idea how I've got on as they haven't bothered to reply.

Went outside & mowed the front lawn to see if fresh air and exercise would make a difference.

11:00am I completed this one with an even worse score of 129, based on my answering all questions, well within the allotted timescale and getting only 4 wrong. A bit harsh I think.

Now you would expect that by carrying on, the scores should improve as your mind gets used to the nature of questions answered. Well I can't leave the house as I'm waiting for a parcel, so let's give this one a go. Wow! 152, including two interruptions!

Only one place left to try - I've got to have a go at the MENSA workout seeing as you can't do the official test online. Well at 27 out of 30, apparently I have a high chance of passing the test, but as I'm not sure whether I can be bothered now.

In the meantime on the subject of numbers, the parcel I've been waiting in for is a new mobile phone which hasn't arrived in the post as stated on their internet tracking service. The chap on the "help" line told me it will arrive by courier tomorrow, but I've just received an e-mail from them saying it's not coming at all!

Luckily for me, a good friend of mine happens to run one of their high street stores but I thought I'd give their helpline another chance. Would you believe, it is coming some time tomorrow after all.

All of this mental strain has worn me down so I think I'll nip to the Tap and enjoy a nice pint. Something I know I can always count on...


Cherrypie said...

I knew I should have waited 'til I got home to start checking out blogs. I've just spent the last 30 mins taking those wretched tests 'cos I'm so flipping inquisitive.

Ok. So I got 142, 128 and blimey! 158 ( I missed out the one that didn't give instant results). But if I'm so flipping clever, how come I'm still stuck in the office while you buggers are down the pub?!

Seany said...

Good scores - and I'll bet you were considerably brighter than us the following morning!