Saturday, April 08, 2006


I have a confession - over the last couple of years I've developed an obsession with church bingo. I don't mean that I have an urge to disappear down to the village hall every Thursday evening, but rather it's a way I've found of passing the time during my daily commute.

There are actually 11 churches that can be seen on my route into work

Aside from mentally checking them all off as I drive past them each morning, I've since found out which towns or villages they are in and the names of them all. In fact, if I take an alternative route home, there are another five

(Thanks to Paul Fenwick who is responsible for the original versions of most of the above photos)

In fact, with all of this gazing around, I suppose it's a wonder I've never driven into anybody...

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Codrin said...

I like it!