Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things on my mind...

I found out this morning that following the recent video interview at work, they've given the job to the other guy and why not - he's a decent kind of bloke who'll give it a good go. The problem I have is that despite people's kind comments today, I'm genuinely not that bothered but it's difficult to portray that without it sounding like sour grapes.

Yes, the interview was a shambles (not on my part I hasten to add), there was no extra money involved and more to the point, I got the impression today that they don't actually want him to do the job as advertised. No matter how I try, if I tell anyone that, it's going to sound as though I'm bitter despite the fact that I've still got a good job that I enjoy (most of the time), with great prospects.

Secondly, on a more serious note, after a long day I took a leisurely drive home this evening along the newly refurbished (and still incomplete) section of the M180 where I spotted a sign at the side of the road saying "Sign not in use". So that got me wondering how anyone is supposed to find out...


CanEragon said...

The wiser man would walk away from this experience and take away that which he needed and leaving the rest behind, went about his journey without saying anything more.

Obviously you learned something, now take that knowledge and use it the next time you interview.

Sometimes the right decision and the easy decision is one in the same. How many people know this truth?


Dec said...

Re. the job interview..Sounds like you might have had a lucky escape.

Maybe the sign should say 'Courtesy of N.E.Lincs.,for our next trick...'

Cherrypie said...

Hey! I could offer you a challenging and rewarding job. The hours would be short, the brief simple, no holiday pay, in fact no pay at all, but immense job satisfaction and personal growth opportunities.

Email back for further details.

Seany said...

Would it involve standing guard in the garden ready to ward off over-zealous window cleaners?!

Cherrypie said...

I hadn't thought of including that in the job description.

I just want to learn how to put Links on the side bar and make a few changes to my Blog. I've tried reading the Help pages but they just confuse me all the more.

I promise your efforts would not go unrewarded. I might even provide a fish supper x

Seany said...

I'm afraid I'm no expert on HTML code - this blog is a result of 18 months worth of trial and error!

I might be able to help with the links section though - e-mail me at seanyc at gmail dot com and I'll reply with the stuff you need to add.