Monday, April 17, 2006

Home at last...

After only four months and 20 days, I finally finished moving out of Mum & Dad's place and into the bungalow today.

Strictly speaking, I still have to pick up some shelving units for the garage but I'm leaving that until the last possible moment due to the domino effect of jobs that will appear on the "to do" list once I get the garage organised.

Looking around at today's load, I'm not entirely sure why I didn't just stop off at the tip first:

~ My fishing rod - bought around 30 years ago and probably not been near water for the last 29
~ My Nodor bristle dartboard - in need of a clean but otherwise in good condition.Oh, and in need of my darts wherever they are.
~ My crash helmet - although I haven't owned a motorbike for over 20 years
~ Several boxes full of household cleaning products courtesy of several years worth of shop sales at work
~ Two armfuls of clothes that are far too old or small to see the light of day on me any more.

Quite honestly, the way the bread machine is churning out baked goods right now, the "too small" criteria above is looking highly unlikely to change either...


Cherrypie said...

I'd be happy to take your dartboard and any unwanted fresh bread products off you.

When I moved the last of my stuff from my Mum's loft, I found a box with an original Live Aid calendar in it, and a leather skirt which would barely fit around one thigh now. I still have moments where I think I might just fit back into it one day, usually right before I sit down with a large glass of wine and a toasted teacake x

Seany said...

Funnily enough, amongst the clothes was an official tour jacket from Status Quo's End of the Road Tour '84 - one of the numerous times they've said they would stop touring and are still going strong. I think I know how (un)well it would fit, but still refuse to try it on out of principle and couldn't bring myself to part with it anyway!

delcatto said...

This has a familiar ring to it,with a wardrobe containing several items I will never wear in a million years but might come in useful one day.
Phil now wears several of my cast offs, mainly T-shirts.There's also a dartboard clogging up a cupboard somewhere.