Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cheeky bunch of *bleep*...

Today I've become a victim of censorship and quite frankly, I find it quite offensive. It's always been a topic close to my heart (if you don't want to read it, hear it, see it then you've been warned so don't buy the book, play the CD, watch the film) but today Big Brother finally got to me and by that I don't mean I'm about to start sharing my house with a bunch of attention hungry weirdos.

One of my good friends and regular readers returned to work today and when trying to read my blog was faced with this:

(Click on image to enlarge)

I've obviously removed any details that would disclose their identity but I still can't believe my eyes!

My initial shock was to be deemed "unsuitable" when I go to great lengths to keep the language and tone to a reasonable level during my occasional rants. Don't get me wrong, I'll band about 4-letter obscenities with the best of them but there are already so many sites out there already providing that sort of entertainment (check at least 2 of those listed to your left) that I think it better to leave the experts to it.

Closer inspection reveals that it isn't just me that's being singled out, but all of us cyber-folk who use blogger (blogspot) are nicely bundled together as "Kids Time Wasting".

Now I appreciate that I am never likely to win any literary awards but I thought their generalisation was a little harsh to say the least. Perhaps a greater waste of time (and money) is when companies employ these people to play demi-gods and set ridiculous restrictions on the subject matter that their employees choose to read on the net...


CanEragon said...

Wow, that is very strange. I've never seen a blog being "censored" before. I've never read a single word that would be deemed as "censorable!"

But you know, Big Brother has his ways..

Chin up, maybe it was blocked because of work acessing sites that do not relate to work. Hmmm...


delcatto said...

Your friend doesn't happen to work for local government?It is remarkable how these 'public servants'always know best what is good for us.
"He's not the messiah,he's a very naughty boy".

Seany said...

Thanks guys - I'm still hanging onto the idea that it's just an over-zealous IT assistant who's flexing his muscles with some new security software!