Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well, it generates the bills...

It seems I'm in a week of celebrations. Blogday last week, jobday yesterday and today it is exactly one year since I stumbled out of the estate agents with the biggest bunch of keys I've ever laid eyes on - at least one of which opened the front door to my bungalow.

So what have I achieved with the place in the last year?

Entertaining? I still haven't got round to having a barbie, but I've inflicted my culinary creations upon the family two or three times with another visit scheduled this Christmas.

Gardens? Well my uncle very kindly tidied up the front garden a few months ago but other than keeping the lawns reasonably trim, I've done little else.

Decorating? Admittedly, some of the rooms weren't exactly to my taste but I haven't decided what I want to replace them with just yet.

Alterations? None really necessary, although I took the radical step of putting a noticeboard up in the hallway.

Changed lifestyle? Well just over a year ago, I would have been out almost every night whereas I think I've only been out three of four times in the last month (although I make it count when I do get out).

Do I have any regrets? None whatsoever - I still think it's a great little place and probably one of the best decisions I've ever made...

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