Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Todays lessons...

360 degree appraisal feedback: day two.

We discussed management styles but spent the majority of the morning sharing our appraisal feedback with the rest of the team, identifying areas for development and seeking feedback and advice from each other.

After lunch, we learnt that it is possible to build a bridge out of newspaper, sellotape and string that is capable of holding 250g over numerous points at a height of 20cm. And that our team designed the better one. Not that it matters. No, really it doesn't. Well, alright, not much.

Like many courses I've attended it's been extremely valuable, worthwhile and provided a lot of food for thought for the future, but the challenge now is to keep everyone's momentum and transferring what we've learnt into the "real" workplace. I had barely got back to my desk before I was surrounded by 30-odd e-mails, messages on the answerphone, several queries in person and two days of backlog; all of which needed handling whilst considering how I would approach it as the new improved Seany.

Oh and in case you were wondering, it was "Windmills of Your Mind", but the next line wasn't an appropriate title for anything I wanted to say today...

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