Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Like a wheel within a wheel...

Reporting as promised at the end of day one of the 360 degree appraisal feedback session.

Well I did say "maybe". I'm afraid modesty prevents from sharing any scores or detailed information, but suffice to say that the feedback was a lot more positive than I'd expected. It was a strange experience sat poised to open a booklet full of opinions from colleagues from all levels within the business and despite the initial ego boost, there's no escaping that there are still plenty areas for improvement.

It seems that it's often not as much about changing your personality to suit the corporate mould as finding ways to change people's perceptions. For example, whereas some people apparently find me open, friendly and approachable, others suggested I can be abrupt and could do well to listen to people more. Well anyone who thinks I'm abrupt can go screw themselves.

Joking aside, it has proved to be an enlightening day where we learnt lots about ourselves and each other; not least of which being that we couldn't build a domed shelter out of newspaper and sellotape within 25 minutes.

Tomorrow - personal development plan and I assume we're talking "Plan B"; primary plan still being to get my 6 numbers drawn in Saturday's lotto...


delcatto said...

I had my appraisal today..
...I scored P45, out of a hundred I guess.

Seriously tho', I have a massive shit eating Cheshire cat grin following my appraisal as I am apparently doing well.

Seany said...

Well done! I've said before how I admire what you do - I consider myself incredibly patient, but some of your cases would have had me doing time by now!