Saturday, November 11, 2006

Something for the weekend...

Despite my attempts to throw as many pints of Hobgoblin down my neck as humanly possible last night, I was up with the larks this morning as clear as a bell. This bodes well for the weekend ahead.

I suddenly realised while making a cuppa this morning that I am at the right end of a completely commitment-free weekend as all of my original plans have been cancelled for one reason or another. That's probably not that out of the ordinary for a lot of people, but I can't remember the last time I wasn't either going out, or unpacking from a trip away, or packing in preparation for a trip away, or more recently, full of cold and feeling generally sorry for myself.

So, facing the prospect of two free days ahead, I need to find something to do. I've already lost a few (virtual) dollars at internet poker this morning so I'll give that a miss. I ought to write something for the blog seeing as I haven't updated it since Tuesday but that's not going to take more than half an hour or so.

I guess I'll have to take my pick from cleaning, washing, ironing, gardening, cutting hair, Christmas shopping, building shelves, cooking meals, baking bread, filing away bills, finishing the work I brought home, re-potting plants, and so the list continues.

First things first. Time for another cuppa after which it will be just about the right time to see what delights Rachel's cooking up for us this morning...

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