Sunday, November 12, 2006

My work here is done...

Well here it is folks, a bit brighter but content-wise nothing really different from the last incarnation. I still can't bring myself to change the St Michaels Mount header so I've settled for changing the colour scheme instead.

When I first played around with the new Blogger beta templates, I particularly liked the idea of twisties to tidy up the archives but to be honest, couldn't figure out how to apply them to my existing blog. I'd been putting off the alternative because selecting a new template means losing all previous customisations to the old one (of which I had quite a few) but as it turned out, it didn't take too long after all. In fact it still left me enough time to rustle up some supper and iron a fortnights worth of shirts (which serves me right for not doing any last weekend I guess).

So now it's back to the familiar problem of trying to come up with some worthwhile content...


Anonymous said...

Hey Seany

I love that pic in your header!! I think I am partial to the blue blogger page, although a lot of my add ons came from your blog by example. I tweaked mine yesterday as well. Im glad you stuck around and you're still writing.


Seany said...

Glad you're still looking in Jeremy!

The header photo was "borrowed" and customised (as were many of the add-ons I've chosen to be influenced by on my travels). St Michael's Mount is indeed a magical place and I'm always proud to tell folks that Mum's ancestors once lived there (On the mount that is, not the castle!)