Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sign of the times...

At this time of year it's prudent for us all to keep an extra eye on the roads in the mornings, but today for the umpteenth time, I could see flashing yellow lights in the distance rather like this:

Clearly there was need for caution ahead but as I got closer I still couldn't quite make out the centre panel:

In fact, I was almost next to the thing when the warning finally became fully visible:

I join the motorway at Barnetby Top junction where, irrespective of local weather conditions, I suspect there is some kind of contraption nearby that belches out the thickest of fog into the surrounding area most mornings. In fact, I imagine that the majority of people who pass that way regularly would be more surprised if there wasn't fog in the air.

So, I thought while we are using valuable resources to power these things, perhaps they could consider this hazard warning for fog-free areas...


Pete said...

the thing that really grates me is when you are on a Motorway. The overhead signs keep telling you about some queue but you never see it.

And they wonder why people ignore them!!

That said the bloke who hacked the Crawley Car Park sign so it read
"Welcome to Crawley, now F**k off" had a sense of humour.

I heard the later a while back but was reminded after it came up on HIGNFY

delcatto said...

They could be more inventive, just to wake drivers up...


'Low Flying Geese'

'Danger:Slow Moving Reliant Robins'.

'No Fog'

'Highway Men Ahead'