Monday, November 13, 2006

Room with a view...

I'm sure this will mean nothing to anyone else, but today has been a momentous day for me at work. No promotion, no relief of duties and certainly no promise of bags of money, but you have to cling to whatever little perks you can get.

When I first took on this new role about two years ago, I was delighted that it also provided me with my own generously- proportioned office and wait for it... an opening window! OK, it does overlook a car park on an industrial estate in Scunthorpe, but a window is a window and I rarely get time to gaze out of it anyway.

So why the big deal today? Well our main reception and meeting room have both been undergoing some refurbishment and alternatives had to be found.

First the meeting room - now who's got a decent sized office that we could convert? This seemed like a good time to keep my head down and my gob shut (not before time, many would suggest); end result being my office had appeared to go without consideration.

Next the reception, which they had decided to relocate to a portakabin in the car park. Had I escaped completely? Well not exactly - they dropped the portakabin right outside my office window where it stayed for the last couple of months; possibly explaining why nobody had pursued the meeting room idea.

However, late this afternoon, a bloke with a crane (I'd like to think Bob and Lofty, but I didn't actually see them) finally took it away again. Just in time for it to get dark outside...

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