Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Diary of Seany...

I can't believe it's a week since I was here last, but I guess if there had been anything worth telling you all, I would made time to write something.

Work has taken up much of my spare time in the last week; by Friday evening, I'd managed to give them a full day's work for free. On a cheerier note, it looks like I won't be working between Christmas and New Year this year, but it's clear that our traditional Christmas shutdown can no longer be taken for granted.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the highlight of the week was Chris and Debi's wedding yesterday. I've quite famously managed to avoid the deed so far, but theirs was just the kind of day I think I would want.

We headed off to the registry office of a lovely little market town not too far from Grimsby where the service itself was suitably tasteful, although surprisingly quick - we were only in there for a little over ten minutes.

Back into Grimsby for an informal but really enojoyable reception with an abundance of buffet and to our surprise, the DJ also had karaoke set up. For those who've never had the mis-fortune to witness it first hand, Seany, alcohol and karaoke are not a good mixture and I knew it could only be a matter of time.

It started with four of us joining the groom for a rousing chorus of Swing Low Sweet Chariot, although we were cut short when the words stopped appearing on screen (I'm not entirely sure why - it's not the most complex of lyrics). Shortly afterwards I was back on the mic singing Rhinestone Cowboy accompanied by Mum and my last song of the afternoon was a re-lived nightmare.

Just to recall it for you, we were at Debi's sisters 18th birthday where they had karaoke and after a bevvy or two too many, I picked out The Diary of Horace Wimp by ELO. The music started, I sang along, following the lyrics and it all seemed to be going OK when the horror suddenly struck me that there was an incredibly high note coming soon. My heart sank and panic set in as I realised I couldn't just change my mind at the end of the first verse so I swallowed what little pride I had left and just went for it. Amazingly, judging by the positive reaction from the crowd, I'd got away with it.

It seemed only fitting (especially seeing as Chris remembered the original event) to put myself through the experience again - hardly confident even though I'd blagged it before.

There was a break for a couple of hours when we retired to the Tap, after which it was back out to the evening reception. More beer, more food, more karaoke but by about 9:30, I'd begun to realise that the Martinis, Malibus, sambucas and Corkys during our "break" at the Tap were maybe not such a clever idea. That said, I can't beat myself up for leaving early - after all, we'd been on the go for 9 hours or more by then.

So an excellent day was had by all and they are both on their way to Thailand for their honeymoon. Unsurprisingly, my agenda back home today has been somewhat quieter...


delcatto said...

I'm listening to it high note, there's loads of high notes!
Tight boxers.

Seany said...

Well, mainly the one high note, but repeated lots!

And that was just on the strength of a few John Smiths.

Oh the shame...

Cherrypie said...

Surely someone has sent it to YouTube.

I could do with a laugh.