Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shop til you drop...

With little free time on weekday evenings right now and still inspired by my achievements last weekend, today I tackled the food shop.

Another Friday night off the ale (!) meant I was up, showered, dressed and out to the local Tesco by 8:00 this morning in order to beat the crowds. At least you would have thought so - heaven knows how busy they must be this afternoon.

I approached it this year in my typically nerdy fashion; I'd prepared meal plans for the family's stay over Christmas and armed with the trusty shopping list, I was determined not to be as irrational and impulsive as last year.

With a trolley full to the brim, I was relieved that the young lady at the checkout was much more efficient at helping me pack than last year's muppet understudy. I wasn't particularly shopping to a budget, but that still didn't stop my thinking "no, I must have misheard" as I handed over the clubcard and flexible friend, only to be assured that I hadn't. Time to adopt my best fake "yeah, I knew it would be about that much" expression.

Back home then to wonder where on earth I was going to put this little lot:

For even greater comedy value, when I did get home I was delighted to see my clubcard vouchers still sat on the mantlepiece which would have saved me a few quid. What I hadn't realised until talking to Little Sis this morning, was that the vouchers have a ridiculously long expiry date on them and following my subsequent trawl through the pile of papers to file/shred, I've found over thirty quids worth!

Clearly, I won't need any food until the New Year (except for a few fresh bits) so I might have to buy a load of silly festive stuff instead. Like some more beer maybe...


Cherrypie said...

You get 4 times the value if you use your vouchers on the 'Deals'. You could book a holiday, flight simulation, days out with your nieces, even a funeral plan.

I called Tesco to remind them they hadn't changed my address since July 2005, despite having been told twice. They've now updated their records and sent me just under 100 quids worth of vouchers. I've already had the same amount as I'd done a mail redirect. Wonder how far 800 quid would get me?

Seany said...

Thanks Cherrypie - Little Sis gave me a similar tip yesterday. Before I dash off and spend them,I've also found a valid "double points" voucher which doubles my points for yesterdays spree.

I'm planning a trip to Canada and the USA next year, so it would be useful to find some additional funding for that!