Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A week is a long time...

Well it may be in politics, but the week since my last post has absolutely flown past:

Friday: I was reminded that after three weeks on the wagon, it's more than a tad irresponsible to think you can still consume alcohol at the same pace as where you left off.

Saturday: After a morning of feeling rather unwell, I was back out in the afternoon for a top up to celebrate Nick's birthday the previous day and celebrate the arrival of the oncoming festive season. All followed by a taxi back to Em & Pauls to watch Grease & sing ourselves silly until the early hours.

Sunday: Slept. Lots. Felt better than I had the morning before. Tried to enter Woja's blogday competition but it closed early with comments disabled. Belated Happy 2nd Blogday Woja if you're looking in!

Monday: Worked. Lots. Until late. Slept.

Tuesday: Worked. Lots more. Only a couple of hours over then out with European colleagues for a meal in a local hotel. Conversation was interesting but it was a serious thumbs down for the meal, service, drinks (only one coke and a mineral water), clean glasses, prices, severe lack of parking space, etc., etc.

Wednesday: Worked. Even more. Late again. Got home too late & tired to make tea (aka good excuse to ring out for pizza)

Thursday?: Plenty of work still to do. Must leave on time tomorrow though - time to give a pint of blood again. In fact, forget the thought that this last week has flown by, I can't believe it's 4 months since my last donation...


woja said...

Thanks for the best wishes, Seany. Didn't actually close until 18:00 (honest) which was my deadline.

Seany said...

That's quite feasible as I was "confused" for a large proportion of the weekend!