Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone...

A little early perhaps, but try telling that the the crowds at Tesco at 8:30 this morning. It's madness I tell you. I really pity anyone who hasn't started at all yet.

Anyway, almost everything is bought; would have been everything but for a last minute change of plan for Christmas Eve meal arrangements. A five minute return trip (ok, wishful thinking perhaps) should sort that one out after which I think I'll go into hiding until the family arrives on Saturday.

The lovely people who work for me clubbed together and bought a much appreciated bottle of Jack Daniels, the bottom of which may well provide a very good place to hide.

I suspect it will be a few days before I get back to the blog so I hope you all have an excellent Christmas (or whatever alternative holiday you choose to celebrate) and that Santa is as good to you as you deserve.

There's a little bonus greeting if you click the picture below, although you will need Windows Media Player (available here) and your sound turned up.

'ave a good 'un!



Cherrypie said...

So that would be me then, not started the Tesco shop yet.

I've got some Hobglobin on ice for you. Hope you have chance to drop round before you fall into the bottom of the JD

Have fun x

delcatto said...

We did Sainsbugs this evening which included some dodgy grass track driving to escape the mayhem.
Inside was the seventh circle of hell...

Merry Xmas Seany!

Fil said...

Ah kewl audio greeting there Seany, next year I'll supply the backing on mandolin for ya lol !

Just gimme a shout if ya need a hand with the JD !