Thursday, July 06, 2006

You learn something new every day...

Tonight I learnt that it is a seven minute walk from home to my nearest pub and amazingly, it's taken me over seven months to discover this fact.

An old school mate of mine (who also happens to be the Service Manager where my car has gone for an MOT tonight) offered me a lift home and the least I could do was treat him to a couple of pints for his trouble.

So, it's seven minutes away, has a nice friendly teatime atmosphere and they have three "real" ales on. At four and a half quid for a pint of lager (not mine,obviously) and a pint something that claimed to be Taylors Landlord it was a case of right place at the right time but I'm far from sold yet. I'm sure the other two "ales" (nothing memorable, probably Tetley & London Pride) would have tasted just as innocuous, but given that I have to be up early tomorrow to get a lift into work, I didn't dare chance getting a taste for any of it.

So, the old Tap may still be a modest bus trip/taxi ride away, but on tonight's evidence it's still worth the journey...

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