Monday, July 31, 2006

TV or not TV...

No, Seany hasn't taken a sudden fascination in feminine attire. Well not wearing it anyway. And my interest in it's contents isn't exactly sudden either.

I've been musing over what an extravagant luxury the haunted fish tank in the corner of the room is. I don't tend to watch a lot of television and it's main activity seems to be to provide background noise while I'm busying myself with other stuff about the house.

After a rather disturbing start I'm pleased to say I've finally lost total interest in Big Brother and really couldn't care what goes on in there any more. I'd started enjoying Top Gear on a Sunday evening but it finished last night, a mere two weeks after I'd re-discovered it. I've posted more than necessary on my opinions of the local BBC evening news so I wouldn't miss them particularly although the early morning bulletins are often helpful. In fact, my viewing week is usually made up of whatever happens to be of interest on the Discovery Channel at the time.

Cue at this point unexpected letter from my cable company explaining that they were going to give me 16 new channels for free. They didn't go to town on the fact that almost half of the new channels are "+1" one hour later versions so I can get to watch the same crap twice. Tucked nicely underneath the list of new channels was a statement saying they were taking away the Discovery Channel, but I could still watch it if I wanted to subscribe to the next package up. Why did thay have to pick on that channel?

Let's think about this for a moment. I'm already paying over 130 quid a year for a TV license which is not optional if I want use of a TV at all. I'm then paying extra for "over 80 digital TV and radio channels" most of which I could happily live without. I'm stuck with this for a minimum 12 months (only 5 to go) and yet apparently they can chop & change them as they see fit.

I can already see some radical viewing changes due to take place in December. Anyway, got to go now, Miami Ink is about to start...

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