Saturday, July 08, 2006

All creatures great and small...

I've tried my best to enjoy an evening at home tonight. The pub's kitchen was closed today following some damage from last night's storms so instead of going out for tea I did the next best thing and rang out to a newly discovered pizza company. Very nice too.

It's not been much fun at work this week so I thought tea could be accompanied by the remains of a bottle of white wine from the fridge but first taste indicated it had long since passed it's best. Found a half full (half empty?) box of red wine in the cupboard - unfortunately not even fit for serving over chips. Undeterred, I enjoyed my pizza in the company of Mr Daniels (no, not the vertically challenged magician).

Lots of throwing out z's in the general direction of Big Brother on the TV and trying to resolve a couple of blog issues for Cherrypie, it would have been a pleasant evening were it not for these critters

I don't like killing the things so I try where possible to deal with them humanely (or cranefly-ely) but by the time I'd got rid of about the 5th one within half an hour, the novelty of leaping about with a glass tumbler and a postcard was starting to wear thin. It's too dark to leave the lights off and too hot to close the windows and I've a nice collection of suitable aerosols in the kitchen cupboard on standby.

I guess if nothing else, I'm clocking up a few karma points in the meantime. My name is Seany...

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Cherrypie said...

I'm pleased you had Jack to keep you company last night. Thanks ever so much for the template tweaking.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to return the favour at any time. I'm not great with Daddy Long Legs either though. I can't be doing with all that sudden swooping. I'd just swat the buggers.