Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well it sounded good...

I can say with a higher than average degree of confidence that you will never hear the comment "Hey, did you see that excellent recipe on Seany's cookery programme last night?" But, being a bloke, a lazy one at that, and one with not much time to faff about in the kitchen of an evening, I still like to make an effort now and then.

Tonight, I got in a little earlier than usual and attempted to rustle up something quick, tasty and reasonably healthy for supper tonight which resulted in a mini treasure hunt through the freezer and cupboards.

"Aubergine? Yeah that's been there a few days, I'll slice that up, season it, drizzle with olive oil and shove it under the grill."

Search continues.

"Chicken breast - that'll do. Season and shove that under the grill as well. Saves on washing up (or filling dishwasher too early in week)"

Bit dry though. Search goes on.

"Tarragon! I'd forgotten I'd got that. OK then, white sauce, shove some tarragon in last minute to liven up the flavour, pour over the lot and job's a good 'un"

The result? Looked delicious. The smell was fantastic. The taste was aboslutely... erm... alright I suppose. Have to work on that one I guess. I hate it when that happens...

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