Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lunch with a difference...

Before the meeting I had scheduled this afternoon, I took a stroll through the French quarter of New Orleans and after a brief wait in the subway, went on to find a seat on the deck of an ocean liner where I enjoyed my lunch.

Has Seany finally gone mad? Does he really believe the company will re-imburse such extravagant expenses? Surely not.

Worry not my dear readers, my meeting was in Manchester, not too far from the Trafford Park Shopping Centre. I'm still by no means a shopping fan but these would seem pleasant surroundings should the need be absolutely necessary. They have a small "street" fashioned in the design of the French Quarter of New Orleans leading to the main eating area which is in the shape of an ocean liner deck surrounded by a great selection of restaurants, bars and fast food counters. Including a Subway, one of the excellent sandwich bars.

Fine opportunity for a foot long "Subway Club" washed down with a cuppa and a chance to watch the world go by for half an hour...

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