Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Glad that's over...

Alan Titchmarsh I ain't.

I got home from work this evening and without pausing to think, got changed into scruffs and spent an hour mowing the front & back lawns and clearing weeds from the paths, drive & patio.

You have to know me in the other (non-blog) world to comprehend my utter contempt for all things gardening and usually it would fall lower on my "things I enjoy" list than a saline eyewash, but there I was. And so far, that's been the highlight of my day.

Gives you some appreciation of the sort of day it's been...


Cherrypie said...

But at least you were done in time to post at 7.34pm. I just got finished now, including chucking some buckets of water over the specimen triffids in the front garden.

I even missed all the bikers.

Anonymous said...

Men who tend their gardens become very connected to their roots. I'd kill for a big yard and mower and some dirt to plant things in.

It is good to take time to tend ones garden, it gives you time to tap the energy that the earth shres with us, not to mention it is a quiet event unless of course your ipod is in your pocket.

I loved yard and garden work, it brightened my spirit and reminded me to remember my connection to my roots. The better your yard and garden look, the better you will feel inside. And your neighbors will be jealous and envious of your talent as a gardner.

Seany's Secret Garden ...

Tee hee


delcatto said...

Seany, what you need is a gnome.

The French 'Le 'eadbutt'.

The Italian 'Il diver'.

The English 'Pebble glasses & limping' gnome.

The Portuguese 'Five aces up ma sleeve' gnome/ or the 'Winking' gnome.

All of the above in appropriate team colours. Rooney gnome is lifesize and needed no changes to his physiognomy.

Seany said...

You're all right of course - I should be more grateful for what I've got.

I managed to miss most of the bikers too, but intentionally, preferring to be home and out of their way before the racing began.

It is only a lawned garden front & back and my neighbours are mainly retired folk who tend theirs with loving care and, I'm sure, very little envy. But in all honesty it's not that difficult to keep tidy and probably looks better than the gravel & paving I'd originally intended.

I'm sure there's an "Englishman's Gnome" and "Castle" pun waiting out there somewhere but as three of my most regular readers, you deserve to be spared that...

Cherrypie said...

Of course, you could just invite very small friends round for drinks in the garden, but only those that share your taste in beards. It would create a similar effect to that which Del refers, and have the added benefit of being animated and temporary.

I'd probably advise against any actual football kicking though given the available space and proximity of elderly neighbours.

delcatto said...