Sunday, July 09, 2006

Recommended reading...

Yes I know it's the World Cup and Wimbledon Finals today but I'm staying true to my heartfelt indifference to either. Having frittered half of the day away asleep, I have few plans for anything that requires much more effort for the rest of the day.

On my cyber travels a little earlier I stumbled across The Straight Dope; a collection of answers to all of those questions you really wanted to know but were afraid to ask (out loud at least) and a great source for shattering urban myths. Just follow the link above or on the left and you too can discover:

How they get non-stick Teflon to stick to the pan
The origin of the F-word
What blind people dream of
Whether fanning yourself is energy efficient
What "corned" beef is (although I'd already covered that one here)

In addition, I found it really funny to read some of the utter rubbish that some people had been told and felt the need to verify in the interest of getting back to sleep at night.

Nobody has asked when sliced bread became the best thing though - looks like I beat them to that one...

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