Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good day...

Today was a good day. There you go, I said it. Well, typed it.

~ Pleasant journey to & from the office
~ Lovely weather (even in Scunthorpe)
~ I deposited a nice cheque in the bank courtesy of my last employer
~ We had a productive managers meeting
~ I've been offered a genuinely exciting new challenge at work
~ Best of all, I found this joke amongst my archives that gave me a good laugh. Hope you don't mind my sharing, but they do say the old ones are the best

So this guy goes into the blacksmiths looking for a job.

The blacksmith says "Have you any experience in shoeing horses?"
"No", he replied, "but I did tell a donkey to fuck off once"...


Cherrypie said...

I concur with that opening statement. I've had a very rare day off today and was able to spend most of it pottering about my patio, only breaking off to go to a Board Meeting at 5.30 when I surprised everyone by turning up in a sun top instead of my usual pin stripes.

Finally Sunny Scunny lives up to its nickname.

Seany said...

Glad you had a good 'un too!

We were starting to make progress on company dress code, but recently seem to have taken a leap back 100 years.

Whatever, I'm determined not to round of a good day with a rant :)