Wednesday, March 01, 2006

OK, I give up...

Lent begins today and I've been trying to think of something appropriate to give up for forty days. It's not that I'm short of vices it's just I have the same problem trying to pick New Years resolutions - I just need something that I stand half a chance at.

So let's consider the options:
Beer - don't be ridiculous
Cigarettes - did that already
Chocolate - hardly touch the stuff
Breakfast bacon butties - maybe, but too tempting at work
Fried food - very rarely eat any (prefer my food grilled)
Junk TV - struggle to find much TV that isn't
Celibacy - I'm not sure if my memory's that good

After much consideration throughout the day, I've finally thought of something based on my experiences over the last couple of weeks. I'm going to see if I can survive the next forty days without letting somebody jab needles into my body. I've certainly no plans for any further surgery and Stewarts Tattoo studio is bound to be booked up for the next few weeks.

Having said that, I've almost decided on the next design and I am on holiday the week after Easter...


Em said...

Well I went a bit mad and decided to give up alcohol for March (atheism prevents me from recognising Lent), this in turn should help me give up smoking and eating junk. So if you promise not to coerce me into drinking any alcohol, I promise not to stick needles in you.

Dec said...

Guess what Seany....I've also given up alcohol for March. Not for Lent, there are only 31 days in March as opposed to the 40 days and I escaped the clutches of the Catholic church a long time ago.
Mind you, the Spanish Inquisition do get everywhere...pole-to-pole, around the world in 80 days,etc...
I can't give up the needles tho' as i am paid to stick 'em in people!