Saturday, March 11, 2006


I got in from work last night and in the midst of my rushing round getting ready to go straight back out again, I noticed the answerphone light flashing. I thought it better to check it in case it was something important and it turned out to be a young lady asking me to call a local number. Not a number I recognised, but hey, give them a call anyway. Engaged. Tried again. Still engaged. Decided it was probably just a telesales call then and carried on getting ready. Tried one last time just as I was ready to leave and

[ring, ring]
Girl: Hello Surgery...
Me: *Gulp* Hi, you left a message asking me to call you
Girl: Can you confirm your name and address please?
Me: *Bigger gulp* [confirmed name & address]
Girl: Thanks. It's about the lump you had removed last week. We've had it analysed and we've just got the results back
Me: *Huge gulp and breaking out into a cold sweat* I didn't realise you were sending it away - nobody said anything
Girl: Yes it's routine practice, we always get these things checked out just in case
Me:*Gulping, sweating and starting to feel decidedly incomfortable* and...?
Girl: Everything was fine. It was just a normal lipoma
Me: *Sigh* That's great, thanks very much

It's better to know these things I suppose, but it would have been less of a shock if I'd known it was being checked out.

Anyway, that was last night's excuse for a few beers, now for today. Oh, it's Six Nations Rugby on the big screen, so it would be rude to stay in and miss it...

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