Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More visitors...

Another huge thanks to visitors old and new - the good ol' Bravenet hit counter passed the 7000 mark today!

In honour of this landmark event (well it is to me), I've taken a look at some 7000s (-ish) in history:

~ 7000 years ago saw the birth of the first pub, well, the Persians created bricks and wine.
~ 7000 months (approx. 583 years) ago saw the death of Richard Whittington, Lord Mayor of London, whose story is still told UK-wide each Christmas by resting actors and fading soap stars.
~ 7000 weeks (approx. 146 years) brought the arrival of one Henry McCarty, possibly better known to the world today as Billy the Kid
~ 7000 days (approx. 21 years) ago the performance of possibly the biggest and best concert ever - Live Aid (and the re-appearance of my heroes Status Quo playing live after I'd followed them for 5 gigs the previous year on their last ever "End of the Road" tour)
~ 7000 hours (approx. 10 months) ago I was celebrating my blog just having passed the 2000 hits mark (how tenuous is this getting?)
~ 7000 minutes (approx. 4 days) ago I was in the middle of one of my most lame attempts to celebrate St Patrick's Day
~ 7000 seconds (approx. 2 hours) ago I was coming down from from my first ever promotion interview over video conference. How did it go? Well I'll let you know when I get the result (hopefully within the next week).

All of which leaves the question "What will I do if I reach the 8000 hit mark?" Well I guess I've just ruled out trawling Wikipedia until I find something relevant...


Anonymous said...

Canada - well Montreal sends her greeting across the pond! I really like this new template - I've been reading for a long time. Keep up the great work.

And good luck with your promotion interview.


Decko said...

Good luck for your promotion Seany.

For the 8k hit check out what's going on 8k miles / kilometres from you on that day.
Can you remember the 8 thousandth pint you drank ( Hobgoblin? ).
Pick out the 8 thousandth person in the phone directory...


Seany said...

Thank you both for your kind words.

Quite honestly, I'm not too over-excited about the promotion as I'm still enjoying my current job which still holds plenty of challenges ahead. That said, I've believed for quite some time that every now and then you have to go for something that scares the living wotsits out of you - this was simply the latest opportunity that doesn't involve physical pain! (yeah, a real hero me...)

Seany said...

Oh and Declan, in the extremely unlikely event that on average I only drank 6 pints a night, twice a week, that still means I would have celebrated my 8000th pint 11 years ago!

At least that means it would have been real ale, although probably not Hobgoblin...