Thursday, March 02, 2006

Decisions, decisions...

Well there I was thinking I was in a dilemma yesterday.

Thanks to Em & Dec's comments to yesterday's post it looks like a break from the booze could be on the cards for March. Is such a thing possible? I did give up for three months once and I still remember how good that first pint was. That said, it would give me a chance to save a few pounds in the bank and no doubt, to lose a few more around the waist.

Does anybody believe I am capable of such an extraordinary feat? Least of all do I? After all, I do already have plans for March:
For starters, the Six Nations comes to a conclusion this month and that could warrant some refreshment whichever way it turns out.
I hardly see Mothering Sunday passing without a tipple or two (26th March - no excuses now guys).
March the 27th, Dave, Dom & I have called "party" in honour of this expedition last year. We've all promised it will be a more sensible occasion than that one, but I doubt it will be a sober event.
Really going out on a limb, I have a promotion application going through right now which could also provide an excuse, however that turns out.

See how good I am at digging up excuses when the need arises? It's not looking hopeful is it? And take a look at this video attached to the first e-mail I opened this evening. OK, it doesn't really count as beer I suppose but it's the principle of the thing. (By the way, thanks Tom!)

Perhaps I should just start by giving up for a few days. Let's see if work tomorrow is as stressful as today has been, because by tomorrow night it will be almost a week since my last drink...

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Dec said...

That advert...absolutely wonderful, shame it's for a shite 'beer'. The pain, the desire...I'm salivating on to the dogs head...TOOORTUOUS!!!!!

Now a Czech Budvar...mmmm!
Where's me orange squash...28 days to go.