Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why bother...

Sometimes it can be a challenge trying to find something humorous to add to the blog regularly, but you can always rely on Ananova to provide you with a good story worth sharing:

Rollerblading cops scrapped

Police have scrapped a squad of Rollerblading cops - after discovering they can't chase criminals across grass.

The Royal Parks Police in London thought the Rollerblades would give the team extra speed.

According to The Sun Supt Derek Pollock admitted: "It was not a success. Not a lot of officers were interested because it hurts when you fall over. When people ran across grass, the guy on Rollerblades had to take them off."

The force has now reverted back to bicycles.

Supt Pollack added: "They go up and down steps. They're flexible."

Honestly, in a million years, I couldn't make stuff up as funny as that...

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Cherrypie said...

I'm not stalking. I just didn't notice that bit earlier. Good job really 'cos I've got a great story about my roller-blading attempts in Kensington Gardens and the scars to prove it.