Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No smirking...

So with today passes another poorly publicised No Smoking Day. I remember commenting last year that I'm sure they laid the guilt on much more heavily when I was smoking and I only discovered it today by accident.

All the same, I hope that plenty of you out there use today as an excuse to give it a go. I accept that I've certainly found it easier than many but if I have to pass on one tip, I would suggest that you look out for stuff by Allen Carr. I know several people who found his book really helpful although as I am always in search of the most economical solutions, I found enough inspiration on his website to convince me to stop.

How am I doing? Well I still refuse to admit that I've given up - I prefer saying that I've just stopped for now. However, if I may be allowed a brief moment to pat my own back, I've added a counter to the bottom of the blog to help me keep track of time. I can't believe I've been smoke-free so long.

One thing that ought to be smoking is my G-mail inbox. I've finally had enough of clearing out 40 or so messages every day from complete timewasters (I assume all automated) so I'm afraid all e-mail links have been taken off the blog, although you can still leave comments in the usual way. What I will say in G-mail's favour is that it does filter them quite effectively, but I'm curious to discover whether this is where they were all coming from. And after all, there are only so many offers for cheap pharmaceuticals, free software or appendage enhancement that anyone could possibly be interested in...

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