Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scary stuff...

Except for the occasional passing reference, it is almost a year since my last rant about my journey to work and as I now have a different route since moving house last year, I figured an update is due.

Firstly, the good news is that as long as the roads are free from ice & snow, I can now completely avoid the incredibly noisy & boring A180 in exchange for a few more mini-roundabouts (which amuse me anyway) and a picturesque drive through lots of twisty-turny roads and quaint villages across the Lincolnshire Wolds. I can honestly say I am looking forward to the summer (which apparently is going to be on a Tuesday this year) when the longer days will give me the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery for the best part of two hours I'm travelling to and from work each day.

The bad news? Well I suppose there isn't any really. I am a pretty relaxed driver most of the time (who doesn't claim to be perfect either) and most days this reduced pace seems to be forced upon me; not by tractors going about their daily agricultural travels but by people driving along with an open road far out-stretched before them who are apparently too frightened to manoeuvre their vehicles down roads without passing places at speeds greater than 25mph. Presumably unsure whether people can still breathe at such incredible speeds. Shame isn't it?

Coming home, it is still dark at this time of year so you can fully understand that a drop in speed is the sensible thing to do. What surprised me was seeing how many people are so afraid of the dark that they use every form of illumination available to the car - headlights (full beam of course), rear lights, front and rear fog lights, hazard lights, even interior lights (presumably in case the boogey man in the back seat makes them jump). I sometimes wonder what they would do if it turned foggy.

So instead of losing patience, tailgating, sounding the horn, waving wild gestures in their general direction and shouting about hamsters, elderberries and the like, I thought it better to sympathise with the hundreds of angst-ridden motorists who share my route every day. Poor little lambs...

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