Monday, February 27, 2006

The power of sobriety...

Knowing I had the whole of today with the possibility of a lot of waiting around, I might ordinarily have taken the opportunity to spend yesterday finishing off the beer festival or maybe helped to mop up the last few today. Extremely out of character, but I decided to busy myself with a few other outstanding chores instead.

Firstly, water man arrived early enough to get his surveying out of the way (which incidentally involved more techy equipment than I had given them original credit for).

I then did my bit to support the village Post Office by queueing for ages to pay my road tax. As a quick aside, why do they even consider closing these places when there is still clearly such enormous demand? Much of which is from local elderly residents who don't necessarily have the means to get in and out of the town centre.

Next stop was down to the supermarket for the monthly shop - I had originally planned to shop weekly but the way things seem to have worked out, I'm more than pleased not to have to face the hoards as frequently.

Back home I cleared a few bits out of the garage and pottered around in the greenhouse to give these fellas a new home. Surely you didn't think I'd forgotten them? Not that they've grown a lot over the last couple of weeks - in fact they look even smaller right now.

I spent several long-overdue hours in the box room / study / studio / dumping ground clearing out some of the rubbish in there and having a move around to make a bit more space.

Had to pay a quick visit in town this evening and called in to see my "home alone" Dad while I was there (Mum's away on grandchild-sitting duties for a few weeks). Back home again and after getting two weeks worth ironing out of the way (in advance - very sad), cooked tea and even found time to update the blog.

Who received the quick visit in town? Given the unusual circumstances (no it's not another tattoo just yet), it's probably worth a special post tomorrow...

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