Saturday, February 11, 2006

With a little luck...

Sometimes you just know when you're in for a bad day. If you're a pessimist, I guess it's from the moment you wake up.

I usually try and focus on the more positive side of things, but last Thursday morning my alarm didn't go off, I woke up 20 minutes after I should have left for work, smashed my wing mirror whilst reversing out of the drive and work continued with the usual chaos that's kept me away from the blog for the last few days.

Things eventually did get better though. We had a great meal out on Friday night - thanks again Lisa for inviting us. When we left there we ended up back at Em & Paul's helping them go get rid of some very nice malts and watching Moulin Rouge and Tommy well into the following morning. Note to self: apparently I can't function on two hours sleep.

Today I managed to arrange a free replacement wing mirror, we had a good crowd in to enjoy watching the England team beat Italy in the 6 Nations and I somehow managed to leave at a sensible time with motor skills and speech capability fully intact.

Keeping on the theme of luck, I've just discovered that going onto Google, searching for "Seany" and hitting the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button brings you here. That's certainly a lot easier than looking around for pen and paper whenever anybody asks (and believe me they do occasionally). I'm also pleased to confirm that the last 20 search engine queries are finally clear of that incontinent athlete, the somewhat cuter blonde actress and those small burrowing herbivorious mammals, although the search for pictures of the latter is still the main reason people end up here. Not too lucky for them I guess...

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