Monday, February 06, 2006

How to achieve inner peace...

A couple of years ago, I was sent this advice:

"I am passing this on to you because it has definitely worked for me. By following the simple advice I read in an article, I have finally found inner peace. The article read: "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started."
So, before going to work this morning I finished off a bottle of Bacardi, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of Jim Beam, my Prozac, some valium, a small box of chocolates, 2 litres of Fosters Lager, 1/2 can of cider, a large reefer and some cheese. You have no idea how good I feel. You may pass this on to those you feel are in need of Inner Peace..."

I don't know why I should have suddenly remembered it tonight, but it seemed like a good excuse for finally eating this seeing as I earnt it such a long time ago...

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