Monday, February 27, 2006

The single life...

I'm often heard to say "It's good to be single" and quite honestly, there are very few occasions when I think otherwise. Don't worry, this isn't about to turn into a drawn out whine about loneliness, far from it. I genuinely like my lifestyle and I'm sufficiently selfish to live in my own little world, happy in the knowledge I have a great family and lots of good friends.

The times I get annoyed are days like today where Anglian Water need to survey my property for suitability for a water meter. I'm not entirely sure why, seeing as the exact same design of property next door has one.

They wrote to me saying that it will only take around 30 minutes and they should be here between 08:00 and 13:00, which effectively means I need to waste a whole day of my annual leave, sitting around waiting for some bloke to turn up, take a quick look around, probably followed by "Yeah mate, no problem" before off he trots off into the sunset.

No doubt they will arrange another date for the actual meter fitting which will cost me another days holiday. Sure, I'm going to save around £200 per year on my current water bill but why should I have to waste holidays for the privilege? I'm sure there are thousands of people in similar circumstances throughout the country who have the same problem, why can't these people work evenings, or weekends, or offer a more precise appointment system?

Perhaps I should arrange my payments the same way. "Thank you for your interest in supplying water to my property. I am pleased to advise that I will be paying for your services but cannot confirm exactly when this will happen other than sometime between March and December..."

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Em said...

You must be special. When we got one in the flat it was all agreed over the phone and they fitted it while we were out.

I'm still convinced we were paying for the other 2 flats as well though.