Saturday, August 18, 2007

Road Trip...

It's quite a few weeks now since I last posted about this year's holiday and having spent three and a half hours on the phone discussing plans this afternoon, I'm now as excited as a child on Christmas morning. And there are still three weeks to go yet.

Yes, three weeks today I should be at Pete's place in St Louis making the last minute preparations for what I hope will be the holiday of a lifetime. Basically, we'll be driving from St Louis to San Diego and back again, taking in Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma along the way.

We've pre-booked hotels to coincide with our loosely planned agenda, but the true beauty of this trip is that it will be mainly spontaneous. If one particular place really appeals we could stay longer and conversely, if something doesn't live up to our expectations we can just move on elsewhere.

All told, we will be driving around 4,200 miles over a period of 70-odd hours and earthquakes, dust storms, tornados, etc. permitting, we should get to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

I suppose you could say it's just a really extravagant way of taking a trip to the zoo...

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