Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Difficult time...

I was saddened to receive a phone call from my mate Steve this morning telling me that his Mum finally lost her battle against cancer and passed away yesterday morning.

These situations are never easy to deal with, but much as we are all extremely upset at her passing, I'm afraid I can't also deny a sense of relief that she's no longer facing her daily battle against unimaginable pain and discomfort.

An incredibly brave woman with an enormous sense of loyalty for her family, I'm pleased to have known her and to have bestowed upon her the dubious honour of being the nearest anyone has got to date to becoming my mother-in-law.

After all of the challenges that the last few years have presented, the phrase rest in peace does actually feel incredibly appropriate...


Jeremiah Andrews said...

I send my condolences and my prayers.
Eternal Rest Grant her and may Perpetual light shine upon her.

If I read correctly, there is something else stated in this post. At least that was my perception, but I may be wrong. In any case, you have been in my thoughts as of late.


Seany said...

You got me thinking there Jeremy!

I'd not intended to state anything else within the post, but perhaps it was unclear that the "mother in law" reference was as a result of my dating Steve's sister for some time.

Thanks for your very kind words as always