Monday, August 06, 2007

Life imitating art...

I guess it's been on the cards for some time that with such an important project coming to fruition at work this week, I would have to put in quite a few hours from home this weekend.

Still, having worked into the small hours this morning and been awake enough to start again about 6 hours later, I felt that I'd earnt the right to stop mid afternoon, get a few chores out of the way then plant myself with a cuppa in front of the telly for a couple of hours.

The listings didn't have a lot to offer, but I did spot Groundhog Day was on again. Yes, I know we've all seen it plenty of times before but it is one of the few films I can watch time and time again, still laugh at the same jokes in all of the same places and enjoy from beginning to end.

Good job I don't have the DVD, I could watch it again already. Then watch it again...

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LuvlyLittleSister said...

yes, very good! Sadly, I did find myself reading the whole thing again just to make sure you had not changed the odd word or two to improve on the earlier post!

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