Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Telesales with a difference...

I'm pleased to report that my registration with TPS has lived up to my expectations and on the very rare occasion I do get an unwanted call, a brief reminder that I'm registered with TPS sends them running with their tails between their legs.

To date, I've been fairly lucky in avoiding unwanted texts and calls to my mobile, so when I got a telesales call on it this week, I was caught a little off guard...

CPW: Hi, this is the O2 team at Carphone Warehouse. We're just calling to see that everything is going OK
Me: Erm... yes... everything has been just fine
CPW: Well I don't know if you've realised, but you've reached the end of your initial contract and qualify for a free upgrade on your handset
(I become immediately suspicious at the propect of something for nothing)
Me: Well I say everything is fine; to tell the truth I've been pretty unlucky [careless] with my handset and had to replace it. I've bought a pay as you go model and switched my SIM card
CPW: Oh, sorry to hear that...
(I'm now expecting serious sales pitch on the benefits of their insurance policies)
CPW: What sort of handset do you like? Is there any particular make you prefer?
Me: Well yes, but I've replaced it so recently that I'm quite happy with it and don't need to consider replacing it just yet
CPW: Fine, I understand. Well perhaps we could just reduce your monthly payment by £10 a month and you'll still get your 200 minutes and 200 texts included

Clearly, I took them up on their generous offer. Gobsmacked is hardly the word - fancy receiving a sales call and ending up with something I actually wanted...

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