Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy doing nothing...

I remember as a kid many years ago buying my Dad a round tuit for Christmas, not quite like the one pictured above, but with the same sentiment "I'll sort that that out when I get..."

OK, it's a well over-used cliche now and although I probably genuinely believed it would bump some toy repairs up the list at the time, I could probably use one myself these days.

However, I'm pleased to say that with my return to work pending tomorrow, I've managed to get a few round tuit jobs out of the way in between all of the other activities going on.

The biggest achievement of them all has to be that the steel components that have been cluttering up the garage floor for the last year or so have today finally taken the form of shelving across the back wall.

Unfortunately, a new item for the to do list has to be sort through all of the boxes that have just been dumped on the new shelves and clear sufficient space on the floor to increase the chances of getting a car in there again...

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