Thursday, May 31, 2007

Water cheek...

Two posts for the price of one today.

Early last year I arranged with Anglian Water to fit a water meter on the grounds that the actual requirements of a single bloke should be less than their standard calculation based on the rateable value of my house. The direct debit was a little higher than I'd expected, but I was assured that it was the minimum starting payment. After the first 6 months, I was over 80 pound in credit, but was advised that they need to maintain the same direct debit instalment for the first year.

Well, the first year has now passed and having provided them with my latest reading, I was pleased (?) to see I'd accumuated over 170 pounds in credit. With a bit of time on my hands this afternoon, I decided to give them a ring to verify my overpayment and see exactly what they were planning to do.

Nothing apparently.

Seeing as I'd gone to all the effort of calling and bringing the situation to their attention, they did offer to give me a year's free (or more accurately, prepaid) water supply or they could refund the overtly excessive credit (my words obviously, not theirs) and reduce my direct debit by almost half. So, would I like my money back immediately or should I let them look after it free of charge for another year? Not the toughest decision I've ever had to make.

As the old joke goes, what is it that swans can do, ducks can't do and Anglian Water ought to do? Shove their bills up their arse...

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