Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where to start...

The problem is when I've left the blog for a week without contribution, I eventually find 5 minutes to get some of thoughts down but then can't decide which ramblings to go with.

Nothing of interest or significance (or that I could share without breaching company internet policy) has happened at work, so that already brings us up to Friday evening.

Friday night saw the finals of the Hobgoblin acoustic music competition in the Tap, but rather like Delcatto, I'd focused my attentions on enjoying the songs and the accompanying ales rather than listening out to hear who the winners were.

Saturday morning I ventured out onto public transport as I was probably over the limit to drive and figuring the bus was the more cost effective option than a taxi. Fine for getting into town but when I tried the same option for the return journey, the incorrect guides at the bus station and wrongly signed shelter left me waiting in the wrong place for almost an hour. Unfortunately, some poor driver who was probably only trying to help bore the brunt of my opinion of Stagecoach.

Without doubt, the highlight of the week and probably the year so far, was Steve and Mel's wedding Saturday afternoon. Regular readers may recall that I was due to head off to Toronto for a wedding later this year, but due to his Mum's ill health of late, they decided to change their plans.

Amazingly they managed to organize the whole event within a week and it had everything you could have asked for. Picturesque village church, sunny weather, beautiful bride, an amusing yet sincere vicar, hymns we all knew, a delicious three course meal at the reception, speeches that ranged from the typically humorous to deeply moving and overall, the company of a truly wonderful family. Although we only share the same surname, it was a real privilege to a part of their day.

Oh, and for the curious regulars amongst you, I'm still not in the slightest bit tempted myself. In fact there was never even a third date...


Cherrypie said...

Oh! ( with the emphasis on disappointment). I've just been trawling back through your posts, wondering when I would get to a mention of the lady friend.

You did 100% better than me getting as far as date 2

Seany said...

Thanks Cherrypie, but I was quite happy to resume my single self-centred lifestyle again!