Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Full of surprises...

Thursday night I ventured out for a rare trip to the Tap quiz and despite our having scored 48 out of 52, we still didn't manage to win. Still, I shouldn't really continue to be surprised there really.

It was no real surprise that we all had an excellent Friday night out with the chance to catch up with Steve from Toronto, Dom from Middlesborough and for us all to join in Little Em's birthday celebrations.

Despite spending the best part of twelve hours in the Tap on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself leaving the premises in a much healthier condition than my preceding reputation would usually indicate.

I got a last minute invitation to join a few friends for a meal Sunday evening after which we wandered down to catch the last of the Cleethorpes Beer Festival. Aside from the unexpected invitation, I was truly surprised to find a few beers left so late on the last night and some very nice ones amongst them.

Pete Frenzy did a sterling job on Sunday arranging all of the accommodation for our Trans-American road trip planned for later in the year. No surprise at all that he did such a good job, but I didn't expect it all to be done so quickly.

Back to work this morning after a long weekend to be swamped with the usual onslaught of crap to wade through certainly brought no surprise whatsoever.

Today's great surprise was on arriving home from work, I found that the back garden which had previously been on the brink of replacing depleted rain forests had been transformed in to a nicely manicured lawn while I'd been out. Reluctant to let my Uncle keep returning on a "favour" basis, he's agreed to become my regular gardener which is great for us both - I get to keep great looking gardens with no input whatsoever on my part and he gets to earn a few extra quid in return for looking in whenever he's in the area.

Next on the list is a personal trainer so I can get someone to use the running machine for me while I'm out...


Fil said...

Do you actually remember what your "running machine" looks like????

Carry on blogging mate, your rantings and ravings are something to behold lol !

Ya a good geeza ;)

ps...that gravity thang is a booooga init lol !

Seany said...

Cheers Fil - I suspected a random mention of the infernal machine might entice you back for a comment :)